Easy Tricks To Hunt Wild Hogs In California

Animal hunting in California is rampant. There are many choices of animals to hunt like wild hogs and deer. If hunting wild hogs is your favorite hobby, then the easy tricks below could help to hunt this animal successfully without the hassles.

Hunting this wild hog can give the fridge full of meat if the hunter successfully gets one. This is a domestic kind of animal but can be damaging in the forest.  Wild hog is totally omnivores and can ruin people’s crops and has the ability to kill some farm animals. In fact, by finding the right place to go, hunters can find boars in less time.

Select a good weapon.  People who want to hunt must expect that they are close to danger with the boar. Choosing a good weapon like a short rifle or perhaps a shotgun could really help.  Hunter will need a longer range gun like bolt action when hunting in open places.

Apply some unscented deodorant. Boars have sharp smelling senses and can easily detect the hunter through the odor of the body. Using unscented deodorant helps to cover up the smell.

Hide patiently and wait for the boar to appear. Once a hunter discovers the place where boars often come, settle immediately to the place and stay quiet. If boars hear and smell a person, this animal will go away.

Target the boar’s neck. The best way to capture a boar is through the head. Try hitting the neck of this animal since this is an easy procedure to kill him instantly. Hitting other parts of the body, able him to escape.

Big Game Hunting In The West Coast Of California

The joy of hunting goes beyond the joy of its prize.  Most big game hunters dedicated their precious moment reminiscing the toughest ever hunt they had.  Most of them have the preserved head of the toughest big animal they had hunted and hang it on the wall of their home.  It’s their prize, it’s the source of their pride, it’s their joy forever! Today, hunting enthusiasts still pursued their passion to hunt despite the strict regulation mandated by the State Law.  California has the toughest environmental law in the entire United States of America, but California is still the famous and favorite hunting ground.

Black Tail Deer are among the famous deer hunt in the west coast of California.  They are usually be found on the west of the Cascade Range stretching from California to the southeast of Alaska.  They communicate with the help of scent.  Their legs have several glands that leave a scent on their trail, if there is a danger; an alarm scent is left on their trail providing warning to other deer that will go along their trail. They have large ears that can move independently and detect any unusual sounds independently.  Unusual sounds signal the presence of predators.

The hunting season for Black Tail Deer in California starts from the month of August and ends in the month of November.  Group hunting trip, however, is planned in the month of May and June.  Reservations for hunting trip are also made earlier.  Booking is very limited because of the State Law and regulations.

Big Game Big Hunting In California

California has been an accessible and exciting hunting venue of hunting enthusiasts.  It is a hunting haven for beginners.  Most of California’s successful hunting places are privately owned ranging from a thousand acres to tens of thousand acre ranch.  The existing ranch infrastructures include a lodging cabin, road access to a vast land, observation posts, trail cameras and many others.  Hunting gears and equipment is also available for rent or hunters could bring their own hunting gears and equipment. California ranches are the safest hunting ground in North America.

California vast ranches for big game hunting are well maintained for the natural habitat of small and big animals.  Hunting clubs and associations help making sure that the natural habitat will be preserved for the natural proliferation of wild animals.  Access to these hunting grounds is usually for club members only.  Joining the hunters club is easy and one can have a lot of privileges and enjoy hunting with the company of seasoned hunters.  You will learn from them the finer points of big game hunting.

California ranch while it is privately owned, the club and its members help maintain the natural big animal habitats.  Through preservation of animals’ natural habitat, big game animal can multiply naturally.  In this way, hunters are assured for a successful hunt during the hunting season.  This trend had become very popular in California.  This is good for hunters as well as owners of the ranch they both benefited from the scheme.  Happy hunting in California ranches helps preserve nature while enjoying your own passion.

Become A Responsible Hunter

Hunting Mallard in California entails a lot of long walks and a patience of a long waiting.  Mallard feeds on waste grains in an open field and in a location near wetlands.  It takes a long walk to get into the feeding area of mallards and if lucky enough, hunters will wait too long to have a couple of good view and a good shot.  A duck decoy is a very effective means of wooing mallard for a clearer view and has a clear and accurate shot.

The patience of a long wait can be rewarded by a couple of a good shot with full of excitement and adrenaline rush.  The satisfaction that comes with it is very self fulfilling.  Taking down a few mallards and bringing it back to the camping site and shows it off with hunting buddies is one’s pride.  It is worth a prize of a long walk and for a long wait.

While Mallard population is fast declining, a Mallard hunts become harder and a longer wait.  Still the excitement becomes more intense and fulfillment becomes a wholesome satisfaction.  Hunters however, had made a lot of contribution to the preservation and conservation of Mallard habitats. Most of them had become advocates and leaders of non-profit organization for Mallard protection and conservation clubs and association worldwide.  They become a responsible hunter.


Join the club of responsible hunters and contribute your time, effort and resources for the protection, preservation and conservation of Mallard habitat.  Through all these efforts, Mallard hunting will become more exciting and fulfilling.