Big Game Hunting In The West Coast Of California

The joy of hunting goes beyond the joy of its prize.  Most big game hunters dedicated their precious moment reminiscing the toughest ever hunt they had.  Most of them have the preserved head of the toughest big animal they had hunted and hang it on the wall of their home.  It’s their prize, it’s the source of their pride, it’s their joy forever! Today, hunting enthusiasts still pursued their passion to hunt despite the strict regulation mandated by the State Law.  California has the toughest environmental law in the entire United States of America, but California is still the famous and favorite hunting ground.

Black Tail Deer are among the famous deer hunt in the west coast of California.  They are usually be found on the west of the Cascade Range stretching from California to the southeast of Alaska.  They communicate with the help of scent.  Their legs have several glands that leave a scent on their trail, if there is a danger; an alarm scent is left on their trail providing warning to other deer that will go along their trail. They have large ears that can move independently and detect any unusual sounds independently.  Unusual sounds signal the presence of predators.

The hunting season for Black Tail Deer in California starts from the month of August and ends in the month of November.  Group hunting trip, however, is planned in the month of May and June.  Reservations for hunting trip are also made earlier.  Booking is very limited because of the State Law and regulations.

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