Become A Responsible Hunter

Hunting Mallard in California entails a lot of long walks and a patience of a long waiting.  Mallard feeds on waste grains in an open field and in a location near wetlands.  It takes a long walk to get into the feeding area of mallards and if lucky enough, hunters will wait too long to have a couple of good view and a good shot.  A duck decoy is a very effective means of wooing mallard for a clearer view and has a clear and accurate shot.

The patience of a long wait can be rewarded by a couple of a good shot with full of excitement and adrenaline rush.  The satisfaction that comes with it is very self fulfilling.  Taking down a few mallards and bringing it back to the camping site and shows it off with hunting buddies is one’s pride.  It is worth a prize of a long walk and for a long wait.

While Mallard population is fast declining, a Mallard hunts become harder and a longer wait.  Still the excitement becomes more intense and fulfillment becomes a wholesome satisfaction.  Hunters however, had made a lot of contribution to the preservation and conservation of Mallard habitats. Most of them had become advocates and leaders of non-profit organization for Mallard protection and conservation clubs and association worldwide.  They become a responsible hunter.


Join the club of responsible hunters and contribute your time, effort and resources for the protection, preservation and conservation of Mallard habitat.  Through all these efforts, Mallard hunting will become more exciting and fulfilling.

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