Tips On How To Successfully Hunt Wild Hogs In California

Wild hog is the second famous species found in California right now based on some Fish magazine and California Game.  The place allows minimal restrictions when it comes to hog hunting, making this hobby as an attractive game for hunters.


There are many requirements need to be accomplished when planning for animal hunting in California. This requires hunting license and this license must be valid.  Aside from hog hunting, there are also many kinds of animal hunting in this place and one is deer hunting if a person thinks that hog hunting could not amuse him.  Aside from the valid license, hunters are also required to buy pig tags. This can be bought in Department of Fish and Game.

How to hunt?

  • Hunt wild hogs by means of dogs. A well trained dog is best for hunting. Pit bulls are perfect for this kind of hubby.
  • Use arrows or guns.  Almost hunters today are equipped with any types of guns for hunting purposes. However, the most exciting and fun weapon to use is the arrow.  When using this weapon to hunt hogs, one can have maximum success if he is familiar with rooting, hog tracks and signs of any hog activities.
  • Using of traps. This is the least method of animal hunting in California especially in hunting wild hogs.

The tips above could help hunters successfully hunt any kinds of animals in California especially wild hogs. This can also amuse a person especially those tourists who visited the place.

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